Cava achieves an all-time sales record in 2023

Its sales grew by 1% despite the resistance of its global demand.

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The cava industry set a milestone in sales in 2023 with 252 million bottles shipped, with a special increase in organic cavas, marked by 24.59%.

Despite the results predicted by the Cava DO at the end of 2023, the companies under this label had a turnover of 8%. An increase of 1% compared to the previous year due to price increases linked to generalised inflation, drought, product shortages and the revaluation of the brand. It is also due to the work and dedication of the wineries to raise the level and exquisiteness of their products.

The domestic market for Cava sales in 2023 increased by 4.02%, with a very slight decline in foreign markets (0.25%), weighed down by inflation in the main European markets and also by the drop in sales in the United States.

The president of the DO Cava Regulatory Board, Javier Pagés, has highlighted the strength of Cava despite the economic and geopolitical turbulence. Our products continue to recover ground in the domestic market and increase their positions while our main global competitors have experienced a significant decline’. At the same time, he highlighted the efforts of the sector in its commitment to organic production and the positioning of Cava as the fastest-growing sparkling wine in Spain in 2023 in terms of both volume and value.

As for the export ranking for Cava, Germany leads the ranking with a growth of 4.14% and 31.1 million bottles sold, while the United States remains in second place with 21.6 million bottles.

Finally, it is worth noting that if there is one category that has stood out, it has been that of organic Cavas. The success of the D.O. CAVA‘s commitment to ecology, sustainability and products with greater added value and long ageing reflects this new reality, with 32.3 million bottles sold with organic certification.