Casa Neutrale opens the new trendy wine bar in Madrid

We are getting into neutrale’s new project.

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The boom in natural wines continues to catalyze proposals on the national scene, harmoniously fused with relaxed atmospheres and background music.

Neutrale now expands its universe through this new avant-garde expression dedicated to natural wine and dishes to share. An emerging space of minimalist aesthetics, designed by DIIR studio, which is now installed at 1 Amador de los Ríos street as one of the major projects in addition to its two reference coffee shops in Madrid and Barcelona.

All this is synchronized with a select curatorial selection of music -each day different- with which to accompany its tasting of natural wines from small agricultural and family wineries that make up its display of mostly national and French references. Among them, we can find names such as La Figa 2023 Red, Blu Blub 2023 White / Ancestral / PetNat / Sparkling, along with a selection of classic cocktails for the alternative club.

Beyond organic wines, Casa Neutrale Wine Bar displays a menu designed for sharing, ranging from appetizers such as bread with smoked butter rooftop smokehouse to dishes such as homemade mussels with miso sauce or a sando of honeyed ribs and pickled onions; to finish tasting a delicious flan and a homemade tiramisu by candlelight.