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The iconic American rapper recently shared several images on Twitter of the “school lunch” she usually prepares for her eldest daughter. And let’s just say it has nothing to do with what we used to take to school.

In the shared photos, we can see how Cardi prepares a whole feast of food for Kulture’s snack: from macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, to broccoli, fresh fruit, cereal or vegetable chips. But it doesn’t end there, and in other images more “meals” that the artist usually cooks for her progenitor were projected: pasta, meat, corn on the cob, jelly, cheese sticks, cookies, fresh fruit, cereals or Kool Aid Jammers.

Cardi’s publication caused an instant furor, unleashing a maelstrom of praise in the form of a response to her established snack culture, while a series of riddles ensued around these enormous amounts of food for a single person.

Eventually, all of this led to a virtual movement in which countless people began to share images of the school lunches they prepared for their children. Will Cardi’s be used as a reference from now on?

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