Burger King has also joined the Barbiecore trend

The new 'Barbie' burger with pink sauce is presented in a special Barbie Land box.

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The collective fever for Greta Gerwig’s movie ‘Barbie‘ has unleashed a wave of gastro-barbie experiences to feed our fantasies this summer.

Now, Burger King Brazil has also launched its own interpretation of the movie, and of Barbie’s flavor, with a themed menu inspired by her superficial universe, including a bacon cheeseburger with smoky pink sauce, ‘Ken’ fries, a vanilla milkshake mixed with Nesquik powder, and a pink glazed doughnut.

‘It’s not plastic… it’s real food,’ read the caption of the Instagram post unveiling this limited edition collaboration called the ‘BK Barbie Combo‘, now available at all Burger King branches, Burger King drive-thrus and Burger King delivery services across Brazil.

The reality is that this menu might have taken the Barbiecore trend too far by including sweetened ingredients or condiments such as a sauce in neon pink that has polarized the opinion of fans on the internet, but especially generated controversy on Twitter.

‘I bought it today with some friends at the mall, the lunch is smaller than the kids burger, I couldn’t even see the pink sauce, the soda and fries were good as usual (smaller size though), the donut and shake were normal,’ one of the tweets read.

Burger King Brazil also published a TikTok of the burger and the whole Barbie Land experience with which it had just sparked controversy in the media and on social networks.