Blake Lively uses humor in new campaign for her ‘cruelty-free’ beverages

The actress has published a humorous video to explain that her soft drinks are not tested on animals, but on men.

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We all know the peculiar jokes that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds always get up to on social networks, where they show off their sense of humor and their connection. It seems that the actress has transferred that tone between comic and sarcastic to the new campaign of her non-alcoholic soft drink brand, Betty Buzz. In the video, Lively shows off the new launches, emphasizing that it is a beverage that does not test on animals.

In the ad, Blake, with a confident and commanding attitude, begins by explaining why all men love Betty Buzz. And the explanation he gives is “because at Betty Buzz we don’t test on animals. We test on men.

Just then he ‘forces’ a burly man behind him to drink the whole glass of soda. And when he finishes he says: “Good boy. Drink it all. At that moment, the actress disappears from the scene and the burly man can do nothing but promote the drink.

The actress has found a vein in both this brand and Betty Booze, a line of homemade cocktails that do contain alcohol. Blake Lively’s products are for sale online on platforms such as Amazon and cost about $20 for a 12-pack of cans.