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‘Binu, Historia de dos estrellas’, the documentary on culinary resistance that shines at the Malaga Festival

This audiovisual work won the award for best feature film at Cinema Cocina.

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This documentary directed by Mar Clapés and Guillem Cabra, tells the cathartic story of faith, love and resistance of the current owners of the restaurant El Racó d’en Binu. Since its origins in 1970, this institution of French cuisine has been run by Francesc Fortí Carbonell, its chef for 60 years -who is part of its sixth generation of chefs- and Francina Suriñach Serra, head waitress for 59 years.

The film ‘Binu, Historia de dos estrellas‘ presented at the Malaga Festival in the ‘Cinema Cocina‘ section has dazzled above the rest for the depth of its approach, transcending the restaurant itself, to focus on the story of culinary resistance starring the couple formed by Francesc and Francina.

Binu stars

El Binu, as this restaurant located in Argentona is known, was a Michelin star pioneer in Catalonia. In fact, it was awarded two stars, although it lost one a few years later and decided to decline the other.

Inspired by the emblematic cuisine of Auguste Escoffier, Chef Fortí was one of the first Catalan chefs to serve in his restaurant dishes such as orange soufflé, lobster gratin, prawn cocktail, crepes or the well-known garottes. Elaborations that would end up representing his identity, and rising to prominence on the national scene.

However, it has not been an easy road for this restaurant marked by decadence. Its neighbors and a quarrel between the Fortí brothers led to rumors of its closure, which would eventually become a reality. The chef would then go on to cook his dishes for others.

Now, coinciding with its 50th anniversary, Binu reflects this new era in which it has once again gained followers and fame, starring in a second boom projected in this film; which, according to its directors, is presented as a story of love and resistance. As a portrait of a couple with character who live with their backs to trends and enjoy maintaining the essence of a cuisine found nowhere else.