Billie Eilish opens the doors to her chaotic refrigerator

The singer projects her 'darker side' on the internet.

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Often the order or, failing that, the chaos of our fridges becomes a reflection of our personality. We don’t know if this is the case with Billie Eilish, but she herself has wanted to ‘portray’ herself by alluding to her bachelorhood as a justification for her decadent state.

It all started when Eilish, like the good Gen Z that she is, wanted to explore one of the new TikTok trends, experimenting with Coca-Cola, which has led tiktokers to show recipes and tricks to turn a simple can into a ‘supreme’ or deluxe drink.

Among the most popular hacks are adding citrus to the soft drink and serving it over crushed ice after leaving it to ‘macerate’ in the fridge for weeks, as well as putting the can in the freezer for a few minutes before tasting it.

The aim is to boost the CO2 levels of the drink and suppress the sweetness, making it more effervescent and refreshing. Well, the singer chose the latter option to boost her Coke, and the results were not exactly what she expected.

Billie wanted to share the sleaze of her fridge through a series of photos posted on 19 October on her Instagram. However, the internet community was not only surprised by the result of the explosion, but also by the deep mess inside, which we could appreciate through the artist’s ‘close ups’, among frozen peas, tupperware and several ice packs.

The pop icon -ironically- then alluded to her bachelorhood, based on the state of her fridge. ‘I’m so dead I literally couldn’t be more single right now LMFAO what the hell is all this’. We don’t know either.