Ben Gore pays tribute to rapper MF Doom through illustrated cookbook

DOOM'S BISTRO' is inspired by the artist's food-related songs.

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This gastronomic ode to the British-American rapper will go down in hip hop history, just as the artist known for his supervillain persona and his intricate raps, in which he often referenced food in a symbolic way.

The cookbook -published by Blue Monday Press– then becomes much more meaningful, forming a culinary hip hop ritual through lyrics, guidelines and recipes on how to prepare the foods mentioned in Doom’s songs, such as ‘Nice Verse Pie’, ‘Fillet-O-Rapper’, ‘Rapp Snitch Knishes’ or ‘Deep Fried Frenz’.

Such was Doom’s love or obsession with food that he even released a cult album entitled ‘Mm… Food‘ in which each song was titled with the name of a dish or drink. He also broadened the spectrum by tackling other topics such as unhealthy diets or the dangers of meat in the album’s opening track ‘Beef Rapp’.

Ben Gore’s ‘DOOM’S BISTRO‘ is available now from Blue Monday Press.