Asanebo, the Japanese restaurant of the Hollywood stars

In this restaurant specialized in sushi, celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga or Joaquin Phoenix meet.

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Asanebo Japanese Gourmet has remained among L.A.’s ephemeral dining trends as a shining culinary enclave, having evolved from a karaoke bar in 1991 to an exclusive dining destination frequented by Hollywood socialites.

Parallel to other trendy sushi restaurants such as Sushi Park, this haute cuisine Japanese restaurant has received praise from food critics and stars, artists, celebrities, and even royalty such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, the Duchess of Sussex or Meghan Markle, who was recently spotted dining with Terry Wood. Not to mention Joaquin Phoenix, who is said to be a regular customer.

The cult that this Studio City restaurant has generated has to do with its elevated menu in which stands out, beyond its menu in which to order independent dishes, the omakase experience led by its chef Tetsuya Nakaohas from start to finish.

The diner must then be guided by his skills and recommendations orchestrated around Wagyu beef options, classic makis or rotating selections of sashimi that put in value the maxim of the restaurant: the culinary art with fresh fish that comes from Spain, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, according to the notes on his Instagram.