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Antojos Gallery: Madrid’s new cheesecake gallery

This pop-up venue houses a permanent collection of cheesecakes presented as ephemeral works of art.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

Antojo’s Gallery has only recently established itself on the Madrid scene, and has already attracted to its orbit countless content creators, foodies and tourists captivated by its concept of a fusion between the world of pastry and art.

This convergence, materialised in a creative patisserie located in the Chamberí district, serves in its display an infinity of cheesecakes made with a thin toasted layer that hides a soft cheese interior with mascarpone that rests on a crunchy buttery biscuit base.

All of this structures his permanent exhibition entitled ‘Musitas’, made up of his handmade mini cheesecakes designed for individual consumption. The experience consists of visiting his establishment IRL, as if you were visiting a minimalist art gallery where you can be stimulated by all his works, this time, in a culinary key.

The four main muses that inspire and present in his gallery are soft cheese, Iberian pistachio, lotus biscuit and oreo biscuit, which can be purchased to eat by the spoonful in three different formats: individual, medium and large; with the option to be combined with his selection of coffees such as latte or machiato.