AmRest Group (La Tagliatella) achieves record annual sales of 2,431.6 million by 2023

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AmRest is one of the best known restaurant chains in our country, thanks to its own brands such as La Tagliatella, Bacoa or Sushi Shop. In recent weeks, the financial results for the past year have been released and AmRest has recorded a record figure, reaching 2,431.6 million euros in 2023, an increase of 14.3%.

The profit generated amounted to 50.9 million euros, of which 44.4 million were from continuing operations and the other 6.5 million from discontinued operations, after selling the business in Russia almost a year ago.

Luis Comas, CEO of AmRest, said: “2023 has been marked by AmRest’s 30th anniversary. During this time, the Company has faced a number of challenges, in the face of which our results continue to demonstrate the strength and resilience of our business model. This extraordinary business dynamic is the result of our customer-centric culture, focused on service excellence and listening to our customers, coupled with a strong human factor: a highly experienced management team and a team of passionate professionals with a shared mission to win the affection of our customers. We are committed to boosting efficiency, deploying innovation and delivering high quality products, while sharing the common goal of ensuring profitable and sustainable growth.”

Central and Eastern Europe, the group’s flagships

During 2023, AmRest opened a total of 114 restaurants (in 2022, 109 outlets were opened), while 54 locations were closed. The best performing markets were Central and Eastern Europe, with revenues of €1,342.1 million, representing 55.2% of the group’s total sales. In Western Europe, it reached 902.8 million euros, increasing its turnover by almost 9%.