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Amaro del Capo brings ‘DolceMesa’ experience to Allegra restaurant

A ritual that connects the senses by the hand of Italy’s No. 1 liqueur.

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The ‘dolce vita’ can now be experienced at Allegra, the new trendy Italian restaurant that brings out Mediterranean gastronomy from its kitchen with a vibrant central piano bar as the protagonist. Amidst its romantic space fused with elements of the Café de l’Opera, Isabella’s Group and Amaro del Capo will serve the ‘DolceMesa‘ experience based on the Italian benchmark liqueur made with natural ingredients.

The ‘Made in Italy’ product will activate all the senses of the diner through an evening that will combine ‘exquisite bites, small drinks and moments to remember’.

Chef Luca Mazzini has created a very special dolci selection for the occasion to demonstrate the versatility of the liqueur and its ease of pairing with typical Italian desserts, which will be available on the menu from June to September. A proposal with influences from international confectionery that will take the form of a dark chocolate brownie with Amaro del Capo crumble and vanilla ice cream, a Tiramisu with Amaro del Capo sauce and gelly, and a Parmesan cheesecake with Amaro del Capo mousse.

Three innovative desserts designed for sharing, with Amaro del Capo as the main ingredient and as an accompaniment, always served at a temperature of -20° directly from the freezer; in order to preserve all its properties and guarantee its consumption at its optimum point.

Moreover, the ‘DolceMesa’ experience will not end at Allegra, but will be extended from September to November to Casa Isabella through a unique proposal paired with Amaro del Capo to continue delighting its customers.