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Wine can be very easily altered if it is not stored in perfect conditions. Temperature stability is a fundamental principle for its storage, for the correct preservation of the bouquet and to ensure stable maturation. AEG, the German premium household appliance brand, knows this. And that is why it presents two new and exceptional models of aging wine coolers, designed to ensure the proper storage and preservation of wine (in conditions that mimic those of the best natural cellars): the new Single-Zone Pro and Dual-Zone Pro, with capacity for 47 and 106 bottles, respectively.

The former maintains a stable temperature, adjustable between 5 and 20°C, a temperature range suitable for serving wine, or between 12 and 14°C, the ideal temperature for storing them until we want to taste them; while the latter is ideal for keeping both reds and whites at the perfect temperature for drinking. The latter model has two independent compartments that can be individually adjusted to keep wine labels at optimal serving temperatures: between 6 and 12°C for whites or sparkling wines, and between 14 and 20°C for reds. In addition, it is possible to configure a zone between 12 and 14ºC to preserve them.

This is what the new Single-Zone Pro and Dual-Zone Pro are like

Thanks to the exclusive design of their shelves, both -each one with a different storage capacity- allow the storage of 95% of the type of bottles available on the market, with special mention to Bordeaux-type bottles, where they make the difference with most of their competitors. In addition, as humidity control is also of vital importance, both incorporate an automatic humidity recycling system, which guarantees the maintenance of adequate humidity levels (50% or more). This system consists of heating the water condensed by the cooling process, which is then introduced as humid air inside the wine cooler.

On the other hand, Single-Zone Pro and Dual-Zone Pro protect the references from direct external light that causes oxidation and can lead to a change in color of each reference. This new range features tinted glass doors, as well as dark interior panels and dimmed LED lights, which together prevent premature aging of the wine. If we also consider vibrations and sudden movements as factors that accelerate aging and can affect its balance, to protect its quality, the wine coolers include an anti-vibration system that dampens any movement, thus avoiding liquid fatigue.

The constant circulation of fresh air is also vital to preserve the qualities of the wine. And that is why the structures of the cabinets include internal and external fans that guarantee a slow reticulated air flow throughout the interior, avoiding the appearance of mold that generates bad odors and risks deteriorating the cork. The larger models also incorporate an active carbon filter that absorbs any odors that penetrate inside the wine cooler.

“This new range has been designed for all wine lovers looking to preserve their favorite wines in a wine cooler that offers the best performance on the market thanks to its advanced technology and exclusive design. In addition, our wine coolers include the best and most versatile shelves that allow the safe storage of 750 ml bottles of the vast majority of varieties,” says Rosemarie Fuster Queirolo, Marketing Manager Iberia at Electrolux.

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