Whopper lovers: Burger King offers $1 million for the most creative recipe in the U.S

The famous fast food chain has launched a contest in the United States to find the new proposal for its iconic hamburger, and the prize is very juicy!

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Burger King is the home of the Whopper. Since it launched this hamburger back in 1957, it has become its star product. Although it has kept the essence, according to the fast food chain, more than 50% of customers customize their Whopper and there have been up to 200,000 possibilities to do so. Now Burger King has gone a step further and has launched in the United States the Million Dollar Whopper contest with which you can get a million dollars. This is an action through which people can send their creative proposals for the iconic hamburger and the winner will win this juicy prize, in addition to being put on sale in American stores.

Over the years, BK has already launched eye-catching versions such as the Angry Whopper or the Ghost Pepper Whopper, but now it is making its next launch available to customers. The chain has created a website for fans of this product to send their creative proposals with the ingredients they would most like to see in the new Whopper. In addition, all participants will receive an image of their creation through Artificial Intelligence.

The judges will select the three most original creations, which will have the opportunity to be perfected at the finals, where they will be tasted and the final winning Whopper will be chosen to win the million dollars. This Whopper masterpiece will also end up being included for a limited time in the Burger King menu. However, this is an action that will only be available in the United States. For the time being, we will be content to try the traditional Whopper.