Where to try the amazing calçots croissant that has gone viral

It's calçots season and a bakery in Barcelona has launched a croissant version that is causing a sensation.

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If you are a lover of calçots, you will surely be curious about the original croissant that a bakery in Barcelona has created in honor of this traditional Catalan food. La Cantonada (located at Carrer del dos de Maig, 314, Sant Martí, 08025 Barcelona) launched this surprising product last year and, due to the great reception, has repeated the formula again in the new season of calçots, to become one of the sensations of the pastry.

It is an artisan butter croissant ‘very Catalan’, as it is filled with romesco sauce with baked onions and a touch of grilled as if you were in an authentic calçotada. The price of this curious bun is 3.7 €.

La Cantonada is a bakery and pastry shop in Barcelona that is very popular, precisely, for its croissants. In its menu you can find up to 30 different types of elaborations, many of them totally innovative recipes. In addition to calçots croissant, here they have sold croissants with chestnut, quince jelly, guacamole or sausage and caramelized onion. Also surprising are their roscones de reyes or tortells de Reis Catalanes, with flavors such as Jägermeister.