Where to eat the best torrijas in Madrid this Easter

From the most traditional to the most avant-garde.

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This sweet, representative of Easter, has gone from being a traditional ‘treat’ to a pastry emblem reinterpreted by countless restaurants and/or patisseries that transcend its ‘classic season’ to pay tribute to it all year round.

For this special edition of 2024, confectioners and chefs present new versions of the dessert or snack prepared with hard bread, brioche or other types of bases on which they work to present unique and innovative creations. Here is a guide to this year’s must-have torrijas for you to enjoy during the festive season.

Gran Café El Espejo

In this beautiful Art Nouveau restaurant that evokes the literary cafés of the early 20th century, its pastry chef Paco Torreblanca has explored the art of torrija by presenting a modernised version of the sweet: a creamy caramelised torrija with buttery brioche, accompanied by a scoop of ice cream and fresh fruit.

Where? P.º de Recoletos, 31.


Zielou continues to innovate with its gastronomic proposal, this time with a torrija reinterpreted in an avant-garde key by its executive chef Juan Sánchez. It is an Italian panettone torrija infused with Madagascar vanilla, homemade lemon grass ice cream and keffir lime, accompanied by nitro popcorn from the infusion itself. An exquisite recipe that will be on sale exclusively at the restaurant for €11 from Saturday 23 March until Sunday 31 March.

Where? Estación de Chamartín, s/n, Planta Ático.

Santo Mauro

Another essential version of the torrija is served this year by the Hotel Santo Mauro at the tables of its charming lounge in the Duke and Duchess’ Palace, as well as on its luxurious terrace overlooking an evocative Decemeronian garden.

In these settings, you can taste its delicious gourmet torrija made with artisan brioche bread, fried in French butter, and topped with a layer of sugar. It is served with homemade vanilla ice cream and cinnamon crumble.

Where? Zurbano Street, 36, Chamberí.

Bar Manero

One of the top torrija’s is served this season at Bar Manero. A modern tavern that updates the illustrated essence, in which its torrija with vanilla ice cream has become one of the house’s and all torrija lovers’ must-haves.

Where? C. de Claudio Coello, 3.


The Madrid bakery Pan.delirio, beyond being known for its roscones, among many other pastry creations, will now also be known for its torrija made precisely from the dough of its award-winning roscón de reyes.

Baked rather than fried, to make it healthier, Javier Cocheteux and his father’s handmade version of torrija has a perfect texture and balance of flavours, achieved by intensely bathing the dough in milk infused with lemon zest, honey, cinnamon and vanilla.

Where? Calle de Juan Bravo, 21.

The Principal Madrid

From this enclave with permanent views of the Gran Vía and the sky, its chef José Luis Costa has elevated one of his desserts under his lofty culinary vision: a caramelised French toast served with crème anglaise ice cream and almond milk. A hit of his cuisine that you can enjoy from his grandiose terrace in the sunlight.

Where? C. del Marqués de Valdeiglesias, 1.


Rocacho, the famous charcoal-grilled restaurant that recently opened a second location in the Salamanca neighbourhood, is one of the best examples of traditional cuisine that worships the product. A modern grill that reinterprets the traditional Easter dessert with a caramelised brioche base and sugar balls emulsified with lemon, orange and cinnamon peel. In addition, apart from being able to try it in their premises in situ, it can also be ordered online via the following link.


Caluana is the ecclesiastical restaurant, literally located inside a church, where they preach their culinary religion through surprising dishes such as their potato omelette croquettes. They also have a key dessert that has generated a cult following among their diners: the limoncello torrija, made with caramelised brioche bread soaked in limoncello crème anglaise.

Where? Calle de la Bolsa, 12.


Another of the most coveted torrijas of the festive season has been designed by Begoña San Pedro from Madreamiga. This year, the bakery surprises us with an elaboration carried out with top quality ingredients, mostly of natural and local origin. In other words: a brioche bread and an infusion of milk, cinnamon, lemon, orange and sugar, baked with a touch of honey to caramelise the outside.

This sweet treat will be available in all their shops from 20 March until 4 April in their shops, on their website and in delivery format via Glovo and Uber.

Where? C. de Teruel, 26.