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Valencia will be the setting for a new Forbes 10th anniversary event on November 21st. On this occasion, there will be a Forbes Master Class to be given by Paul Papadimitriou, visionary and futurist with a focus on innovation in human experience. In addition, the day will also feature a conversation between Her Excellency Ms. María José Catalá, Mayor of Valencia and Andrés Rodríguez, editor and president of Forbes Spain. If you are going to attend, we leave you a compilation with the best restaurants to have lunch and dinner during these days.


This restaurant was the T de Oro 2022 of the Comunitat Valenciana. Karak has the character of Rakel: explosive and free. If it were true that the cook makes the restaurant, no one could describe the proposal of this unclassifiable chef. Cernicharo spends the day researching to align her dishes with her philosophy. He does not use gluten or sugar, because he aspires to healthy cuisine, without sacrificing strong backgrounds and electric flavors. He still has a long way to go, and that is fortunate for everyone.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Músico Peydró, 9
637 29 16 06 • Web

Tasting Menus: 75, 85 y 100 €
Owner: Rakel Cernicharo

Llisa Negra

Although Quique Dacosta already has a gastronomic restaurant in the city, he did not want to renounce to erect a temple of the product. A perfect complement to the traveling cocktail bar Vuelve Carolina or the Mediterranean simplicity of Mercatbar, which deserve their own visit. But let’s go back to Llisa, where there is good grilled fish and rice in all its aspects, as well as salted fish and seafood: that red shrimp from Dénia that can do anything.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Pascual i Genís, 10
963 94 60 79 • Web
Tasting Menu: 49 y 63 € Carta: 65-95 €
De mercado
Owner: Quique Dacosta

Ricard Camarena

Ricard’s vegetable path is becoming more and more comfortable. The most important chef in the capital is also the great defender of the countryside. He speaks of the producer and the product, of the cycle of nature and of giving in order to receive, trying to waste as little as possible and taking great care of the equipment. In his dishes he uses everything from zucchini seeds to artichoke stems. So he is creative, but also technical and radical in his discourse, which he has been translating over the years. Based on R&D, but also on tremendous ingenuity, it will be him, and not someone else, who will take what has always been there to the place where it should always be.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Av. de Burjassot, 54
963 35 54 18 • Web

Tasting Menu: 165 y 210 €
Owner: Ricard Camarena


Through dedication and effort, María José Martínez and Juanjo Soria painted their Lienzo, and the result is a reflection of their personalities. A lot of product and market, hours of research and technique, to finally refine a menu where the discourse of sustainability is of great importance. Martínez likes to tell where all the products come from, but above all he likes to explain why he chooses to work them in a specific way.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Plaza Tetuán, 18
963 52 10 81 • Web

Tasting Menu: 60, 90 y 110 €
Creativa/De mercado
Owners: María José Martínez y Juanjo Soria

La Salita

It is often heard that Begoña Rodrigo is at her best; this time, it is known. With two decades behind her, she also deserves two awards accordingly. The chef has always offered harmony, because she knows how to balance boldness with beauty and flavor with elegance. In addition to her virtues in the kitchen, La Salita also deserves other reasons to be decorated. A more distinguished room than ever -how beautiful this house is-, Denys Cherkasov’s cocktail bar and the return to tradition, endorsed by L’Hort al Nú. It all sounds good.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Pere III el Gran, 11
609 33 07 60 • Web

Tating Menu: 109 y 139 €
Owner: Begoña Rodrigo


Passion and drive. Fierro is loving and wild. He bites as much as he bites, hugs as much as he hugs. This house exudes animality and effort, because Germán and Carito are ambitious and hard-working. They live with the same intensity as they work. They take care of the elaborations of past seasons, and stretch their roots for those of future seasons. There is a lot of Argentina on the plate, and more and more Mediterranean. To this is added the best pastries and the pairing of Eva Pizarro. If Fierro has reached the firmament, it has been by leaving their skin and teeth.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Doctor Serrano, 4
963 30 52 44 • Web
Tasting menu: 125 €

Owners: Germán Carrizo y Carito Lourenço Sommelier: Eva Pizarro


Let Valencia burn, Flama has arrived. The home of chef Edu Espejo and maître d’ Ricardo Espíritu, two young men who lit the fuse at the right time, has been the opening of the year in the city. Grill with first class products, especially fish. Suddenly, some genius of Espejo, like the gilda, the cod omelette or the seasonal stew. Although they are young, they do not renounce to the classic ways in the dining room, where more and more dishes are served to the diner. And these are just the embers of the fire.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Gran Vía Marqués del Túria, 63
638 73 71 72 • Web
Tasting Menu: 125 €
De mercado

Owners: Edu Espejo y Ricardo Espíritu


Normality is unbearable. So in Raro they have set out to perpetrate strange, bizarre and implausible stories. And of course, remote dishes. From carbonara croquettes to salads with duck, through gyozas of sausage or a sea bass that resembles a dogfish. Perhaps a fluorescent cocktail. Sara, Sergio and Ibai form a trio that is not very normative and already know what it is to play hard, on account of a previous and successful delivery (Mamúa). The gocha cuisine, the attentive service and the accessible price are three precepts for their adventure.

Written by Almudena Ortuño.

Valencia. Paseo Alameda, 10
663 988 404 • Web

Tasting Menu: 30 €. Menu: 25-30 €

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