Where to buy the best panettones in Madrid

The Italian sweet has become a 'must' during the pre-Christmas season. We compile the best places to try the most delicious panettones in Madrid.
Panettone de Big Mamma

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Although panettones have been populating the counters of many bakeries for weeks, now that November is over, we can say that the season of this typical Italian Christmas sweet has officially begun. This pastry is one of the most complicated pieces of confectionery but, when it comes to a good artisan panettone, the result is totally addictive. We have selected 10 of the best places in Madrid where you can try authentic panettones. Take note!

Big Mamma‘s Traditional Panettone

We start in style with what is already a classic in the capital: Il tradizzionale panettone by Big Mamma. This year, the group’s chefs have prepared a real bomb. It’s 500 g of pure pleasure with shavings of Valrhona dark chocolate, a layer of melted chocolate on top for an even sweeter touch, crunchy chopped hazelnuts and a fluffiness that will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. It makes our mouths water just reading about it. You can order online until December 23rd. But hurry because they have made a limited edition of 200 units, and one comes with a prize! The Big Mamma team has hidden a golden ticket in one of their panettones, which includes a trip for two to the Valrhona chocolate factory near Lyon (France).

Big Mamma’s panettone costs 18 €, the pre-order is made through their website and you have to pick it up at their Bel Mondo store (Calle Velázquez 39).


Cientotreinta° is the first specialty coffee roastery with a bakery in Madrid, run by the Miragoli Brothers. In these six years of trajectory, their pastries have already become a reference in the capital, reaching its peak at Christmas time, thanks to their roscones and panettones. The latter are made during three days with sourdough and they bake more than 120 pieces every week. They have two formats: 750 grams (€35) and 1 kg (€49).

They have two locations in the capital: at Calle Fernando el Católico 17 (Chamberí store) and at Calle Sánchez Pacheco 20 (Prosperidad store and bakery).


The artisan panettone is one of the highlights of this bakery located in the Dego de León area. Here you can order different types: the classic, the double choco or the dark chocolate with orange; and all in 1/2 or 1 kg format. Its main characteristic is that it is fermented exclusively with natural sourdough. It is recommended to let it rest for a few days after its elaboration and, according to their website, the maximum peak of flavor-texture is reached after 4 days, but it is still in incredible flavor conditions even after 14 days. The 1/2 kg costs 25 € and the 1 kg, 42 €. Undoubtedly, one of the best panettones in Madrid.

Where? At 25 Alonso Heredia St.

Pastelería Mallorca

It is a classic of this Italian sweet. In fact, it was one of the first establishments that popularized panettones in our country. Although they always sell the classic and chocolate ones, this year they have also dared with a limited edition (700 units) of a Cappuccino Panettone. They have combined the creaminess and aroma of 100% Arabica coffee, the sweet nuances of caramelized chocolate and the characteristic sponginess of their brioche panettone dough. The classic flavors cost €20 and €38, depending on the size. While the Cappuccino is priced at 40 €.

Casa Losito

If you are looking for a variety of flavors, then you must try Casa Losito. The firm of this Panettone Made in Italy created by Emilie Boniche and Roberto Losito offers 8 different flavors: traditional, with chocolate, three chocolates, chocolate and pear, marron glacé, with chocolate coating, lemon, and cappuccino and chocolate. Almost nothing!

One of its strengths is undoubtedly the use of natural ingredients and a 100% pure sourdough (no accelerators of any kind). “Our panettoni have a spongy structure that overflows the mold, something we achieve thanks to a first sourdough dough that we ferment cold and with controlled humidity. In this way, we make it grow to multiply its volume. The result is a cotton texture with a tender and delicate appearance, with a domed shape and a golden color given by the hazelnut glaze,” explains Roberto Losito. In addition, another positive aspect is its price-quality ratio. The size is 750 g and costs between 18.75 and 22.45 €, depending on the flavors. They are available at El Corte Inglés and other group stores.


Jordi Roca’s premium proposal is not to be missed either. El Celler de Can Roca’s traditional Panettone is made with sourdough fermented slowly for 48 hours and the main ingredients are candied orange, candied citron and raisins, with a characteristic buttery flavor. They also have Cacao & Chocolate. Both are available in two sizes: 500 g for 32 €, and 1 kg for 60 €. In addition, the store also serves an incredible Panettone ice cream that you have to try.

Where are they located? In Madrid they are in the San Miguel Market (Plaza de San Miguel s/n, Madrid).


This is one of the best stores for gourmet Italian products in the capital, including their artisan panettones. They have several types, but all are limited editions, so they do not take long to sell out. They are completely natural and without any preservatives. Their classic panettone, for example, is taken out of the oven after 36 hours of processing and its soft dough provides organic raisins, candied orange according to the natural French method and the unmistakable aroma of bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. The price is 38,90 €.

Where? At 34 Núñez de Balboa St., 28001 (Madrid)


This place specializes in Japanese cakes and triumphs with its mochis of different colors and flavors, or its already characteristic Umisan, a croissant stuffed in the shape of a cube. But panettones also have a very special place during these dates. Right now they have the artisan panettone with dark chocolate, or matcha tea with white chocolate, a real spectacle!

Where? At 18 Madrazo Street.

Raúl Asencio

Although they have the workshop in Aspe (Alicante), they send online orders throughout Spain and, in addition, they are also available on sites like Petra Mora. They are specialists in panettones, so they know very well what they do. In fact, they need 4 days for their elaboration and one of their secrets is the natural sourdough. On their website you will find numerous flavors, each one more appetizing. Surprising are the Rocher, Toffee, Salted Chocolate, Nougat or Adriano’s filled with chocolate, hazelnut and white chocolate… Up to 9 different varieties. Most of them cost 29,90 € and are of 1,1 or 1,2 kg.

Marea Bread

The one that was awarded Best Bread of Madrid in 2022 also prepares one of the most consumed panettones during these dates. Located in the Sanchinarro area, this small bakery makes a panettone with natural sourdough and fermented for a day and a half. Among the options, highlights the classic raisins infused in rum, candied orange and vanilla, the carob and spices and chocolate or two chocolates. In addition, they have panettones practically all year round, and their R&D team is constantly working to improve their recipes and propose new and original creations.

Where? At Calle de Oña, 125, 28050 Madrid.

Bonus track: The best supermarket panettone, according to the OCU

The OCU has just analyzed 16 classic panettones on sale in different supermarkets and its verdict is quite clear. Although most of them have not quite fit the OCU analysts, there have only been two products that have stood out above the rest. On this occasion, the one from El Corte Inglés, which costs just over 10 €/kg, was considered the best supermarket panettone.