What the first lab-grown pork sausage will look like

An alternative product to meat that is driving the scientific revolution in gastronomy.

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Lab-grown meat could be the future of food. A ‘breakthrough’ to combat climate change that a few years ago seemed to be the stuff of science fiction, but is now becoming a new reality that society is increasingly consciously embracing. This acceptance has thus led the industry to continue researching fully into the development of a range of ethical alternatives to meat consumption, and to the huge impact of its industry on the environment.

The first pork sausage is made using stem cell technologies to replicate protein cells to produce the product. This has been the process followed by Dutch company Meatable to breed the first pork sausage in a laboratory.

Composed of 28% pork fat, this food is cultured from fertilised pig egg cells and enriched with textured proteins from peas, chickpeas, soybeans and wheat. The sausage skin is caramelised and cracked, as would a ‘normal’ sausage, and supposedly emits the same aroma as the original, producing a product that is quite convincing to the naked eye.