Tina Turner and Pepsi’s relationship

The singer was an ambassador for soft drinks for many years and starred in numerous commercial campaigns for the brand.

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Pepsi has always been a brand that has bet heavily on music. Numerous artists have been the image of these soft drinks during the last decades. From Michael Jackson to Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ray Charles, the Spice Girls or even Enrique Iglesias. Within this particular Pepsi hall of fame is also another musical icon, Tina Turner, who passed away last Wednesday at the age of 83 after a long illness.

Since 1985, the queen of rock participated in several mythical ads for the soft drink brand, along with other great artists such as David Bowie or Rod Stewart. She also starred in other solo campaigns. We review the most outstanding ones.

With David Bowie (1985)

In this now legendary ad, Bowie ‘created’ Tina Turner with the secret ingredient of a Pepsi.

With Emmanuel (1987)

He also starred in a Pepsi campaign with Mexican singer Emmanuel, aimed especially at the Latino audience.

Solo commercial (1988)

In this ad that she starred in by herself, the singer could be seen drinking a Pepsi just before going on stage.

With Rod Stewart (1990)

In 1990 the brand continued to count on the artist, accompanied by another legendary singer, Rod Stewart.

The soft drink brand wanted to pay tribute to the singer by sharing the message ‘Simply The Best’, accompanied by one of the ads.