This will be the first dish with lab-grown chicken meat to be served in a U.S. restaurant

Chef Dominique Crenn will be the first to incorporate cell-grown chicken into the menu of her restaurant Bar Crenn.

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If a few weeks ago the news came out that the United States was going to authorize the sale of meat grown from animal cells, now the first restaurant that will incorporate this product in its menu has already appeared. It is Bar Crenn, owned by chef Dominique Crenn, who has been collaborating with the company Upside Foods since 2021. Now, the French chef has partnered with the company to offer her cell cultured chicken among the dishes of her gastronomic proposal.

This tandem has been working for months to come up with the best recipes and make this ingredient the star of the restaurant’s menu. The chef has been revealing some details of her innovative recipe, according to Food & Wine. As for the presentation, to which Dominique attaches great importance, it will be served in a black ceramic container -from Mexico- and with a lid that, when opened, dry ice will come out. The idea is for the diner to eat the chicken with his hands.

As for the preparation of the dish, the recipe has a clear Mexican inspiration. The chicken is battered in tempura with Recado negro, a charred chile paste typical of the Mexican region of Yucatan. The chicken is then fried and lightly coated with a burnt chili aioli. To finish it off, it is garnished with edible flowers and accompanied by vegetables from Dominique Crenn’s own farm.

Although there is still no specific date when this dish will be available for tasting, there is great expectation to see how this original recipe will be received.