This is the most caloric burger in the world for which you will be paid if you can eat it in three bites

This caloric challenge is not for everyone's stomach.

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Would you be able to eat a burger made up of 8 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, 3 meats, 2 portions of bacon and 6 slices of cheese, all in just three bites? This calorie bomb contains no less than 3,300 calories (the recommended intake for women is between 1,600 and 2,000; and for men 2,000-2,500). The challenge, not suitable for almost any stomach or heart, has been launched by a popular British food truck chain called Meat Castles, which is characterized by including in its menu numerous excessive proposals of hamburgers.

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According to what the restaurant posted on its Facebook page, the challenge would only be overcome if you are able to eat the burger in three bites, at 1,000 calories per bite. In addition, whoever achieves such a feat, would also win about 116 €. Would you be willing to stuff yourself in a few seconds for that amount of money?

Among the gocho proposals offered in this foodtruck, there is also a burger with Mac&Cheese, another burger on a croissant or a sweet and salty burger topped with a Lotus cookie. Who can give more?