This is the birthday cake George Clooney ordered from a young pastry chef

A 22-year-old pastry chef shared a picture of the birthday cake she made for George Clooney two years ago.

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When an actor is in the middle of shooting a film project and it coincides with his or her birthday, it is common for the crew to organize a party and celebrate in style. This is what happened during the filming of The Boys in the Boat, directed by George Clooney, which was released in the United States at the end of 2023. During the filming in 2022, which took place in the British Costwolds, the legendary actor and director turned 61. To celebrate, the crew ordered a special birthday cake un honor of George Clooney.

La joven repostera con la tarta de cumpleaños que preparó para George Clooney.

To do so, she contacted the young pastry chef Holly Tait, owner of the Project Cakery store in Gloucestershire, to make a cake in Clooney’s honor. To prepare the cake, the film crew gave her some ideas, but also the freedom to put her own creative spin on it. In total, she had to make three cakes for about 200 crew members.

Holly didn’t know it was George Clooney’s birthday cake until she was made to “keep it a secret” and not publish anything until the movie was released, almost two years later. With the premiere, the young woman has published her “secret” showing the birthday cake she made. Since it was a movie set in the context of sports and ships, the baker added elements of this theme to the cake, including a fondant version of the model ship used in the movie.

How do you like the look of George Clooney’s birthday cake? I’m sure both he and the film crew ate the whole thing.