This is Pikes, the iconic hotel in Ibiza where Tapas Magazine will present ‘The Ibiza Issue’ 2023

We couldn't choose any other place to present our special issue of 'The Ibiza Issue' this summer. The Pikes Hotel is an institution of hedonism on the island and its Pamelas restaurant is an ode to the pleasure of living. Find out for yourself below!

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Summer does not officially begin until Tapas Magazine publishes our monograph on the island of Ibiza, ‘The Ibiza Issue’, which this year comes with Pascal Moscheni on the cover. And to celebrate such a special event, we have prepared a great party at the Pikes Hotel, an institution of hedonism on the island, whose Pamelas restaurant is an ode to the pleasure of living. As we like the good life, our particular summer party will not miss collaborators such as Decatering Wines for Ibiza, Jamones Los Andaluces, Cellers Carol Vallès or Crisp Catering Ibiza.

So we went into this hotel with a lot of rock & roll and all the essence of Ibiza to remember those mythical Pikes parties, which were the favorite of stars like Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Mick Jagger and Julio Iglesias. And now, from Tapas, we will pay tribute by celebrating our ‘The Ibiza Issue’ 2023.

An island legend thanks to Tony Pike

The island of Ibiza has more than a few classic corners, places where regular visitors to the island and many of its natives come to enjoy the most exquisite pleasures and the most exclusive entertainment. And the Pikes Hotel is, without a doubt, one of those enclaves that need no introduction.

Founded in the late 70’s by Tony Pike, its “official” opening was on July 4, 1980, Pikes is located in a rustic finca built on the hills of San Antonio. Tony was a playboy -Boy George nicknamed him the ‘Hugh Hefner of Ibiza’- and businessman with great business vision who came to Ibiza by chance, but ended up becoming a legend on the island. He was considered the best master of ceremonies of the most legendary parties and made of Pikes a hedonistic refuge for the world star-system, among which was Freddie Mercury, tireless companion of running but also of tennis matches.

Tony Pike passed away in 2019, just three days after his 85th birthday, but his legacy was forever captured in his beloved hotel full of adventures and misadventures, revelry and freedom, perfectly representing that carefree lifestyle so characteristic of Ibiza.

It is also an ode to good food

Today Pikes still retains that authentic Ibizan air, but today it has also become a reference for gourmets and foodies, as gastronomy is among its main offerings of unique experiences. Its Pamelas restaurant, inspired by the elegant aesthetics of the 70s, allows you to savor, in a relaxed atmosphere, a selection of dishes that are pure essence of Ibiza.

In Pamelas, as in any corner of Pikes, there is no rest and you have the possibility to enjoy different gastronomic plans. During the day we will do it in a sunny and relaxed terrace, a space that at night becomes a fun corner under the stars. Just like the scenery, the gastronomic offer evolves as the hours go by. So from the Pikes Brunch created by Tess Prince (Love Food Ibiza), we will move on to the evening menu by award-winning chef Tim Payne who, for yet another summer, takes the reins of the restaurant to offer a seasonal menu featuring classics such as the octopus and chorizo skewer and Iberian ham, along with a variety of new and exciting dishes. All with a touch of nostalgia for those glorious times, but with an added contemporary touch for the most demanding palates.

To end the week, you can delight yourself with their famous Sunday roast, Pikes Sunday Roast. A Sunday plan with good meat and vegetables, enjoying cocktails and music by the pool and ending the weekend under the Freddies disco ball. The combination of exclusive gastronomy and unbeatable fun reaches its zenith during Saturday dinners, with live music by The Pikes House Band.

And among all the events that can be experienced throughout the summer at the Pikes Hotel, from Tapas Magazine we highlight, of course, the presentation party of our ‘The Issue Ibiza’ of this season. Are you coming?