This is Dabadaba Beach (San Sebastian), one of the Best Chiringuitos 2023

Our particular route of beach bars with Aperol Spritz takes us to the north of Spain, specifically to the beach of Ondarreta.

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Today we go to the north of Spain to discover one of the best beach bars in Spain in 2023. One more summer, with the help of Aperol Spritz, in Tapas we have proposed to compile the Best Chiringuitos 2023 of the whole country. Those places where you can surrender to the most absolute beach hedonism, where you can enjoy as never before with the salt still on your skin and sand between your toes. Spaces where you can almost touch the sea from the table, look out over the horizon and be aware that during the sunset that infinite raft is even more beautiful, with its flashes of silver and the fire that burns every evening in the sky. On Ondarreta beach, in San Sebastian, you will find Dabadaba, a small beach bar with a lot of charm that will captivate you.

Dabadaba Beach (San Sebastian)

Although the imaginary of the chiringuito takes us to the Levante or the south of Spain, the truth is that in the north there is also great representation and, in addition with the freshness of the Bay of Biscay that feels so good. Dressed in blue and white stripes, we do not know if in homage to Real Sociedad, Dabadaba is tiny, but tough. And they prove it with their Donostian pintxo of tuna, anchovies and piparra, or the one with guacamole, smoked salmon, capers and chives. Bath, pintxo and good drink, is there a better plan?

Written by Victoria Bravo

Where? At the Beach, Irutxulo Pasealekua, 8, 20008 Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa