This is Bevir, the T de Oro de Tapas restaurant in the Canary Islands

Today we travel to Gran Canaria to meet the brand new restaurant winner of the T de Oro de Tapas 2023 in the Canary Islands.

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Our Guide to Eat and Drink Spain 2024 -which you can buy here– has already become a gastronomic reference with the most interesting and recommendable restaurants (new and established) throughout our geography. Among all of them, of course, the T de Oro awards in each region stand out. These weeks we are making a gastronomic route to publicize the award-winning restaurants and our stop today takes us directly to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Here you will find the Bevir restaurant, brand new T de Oro de Canarias, which has also recently received its first Michelin star.


Located in a place in the heart of the Triana neighborhood -one of the most picturesque in the city- it is exquisitely decorated with great care and detail. All vegetable garden and all sea. This is how José Luis Espino defines the kitchen where he exposes all his creativity. You will discover Bevir in its two tasting menus, Fortunata and Jacinta, which romantically make a nod to the writer from Gran Canaria, which also gives its name to the street where the restaurant is located. An impeccable wine cellar, which makes a new sun shine in the capital of Gran Canaria.

Written by Ana Medina

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Escritor Benito Pérez Galdós, 4
928 35 85 48 Website
Menús degustación: 85 y 105 €
De Autor
Owner: José Luis Espino • Sommelier: Airam de Acosta