This company offers a $3,000 job for being an avocado expert

The American chain of hamburgers Shake Shack is looking for personnel to become its first Chief Avocado Officer. But, bad news, the deadline to apply has already closed.

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If you are an avocado lover, you might have been interested in the new job position that the North American burger restaurant Shake Shack created a few days ago. The company was seeking personnel to become its first Chief Avocado Officer. Among other benefits, it offered up to $3,000 for the lucky one who got this lucrative job. Of course, the registration closed a few days ago and only accepted people residing in the United States.

In the job description, published on their website, they indicated that they needed an avocado enthusiast, “an avocado obsessed in every way”, and also “someone who is the best and feels the same passion and pride for avocados.” avocados than us.”

Their main function will be to share ideas about new opportunities to “add avocado” in their products; personally inspect and taste sliced avocados at Shake Shack locations to ensure they are served perfectly. And finally, lead the enthusiasm for these fruits.

At Shake Shack they always emphasize that they use top quality ingredients, and with avocados it was not going to be different. In their hamburger shops they are cut by hand every day.

What requirements and who was the perfect candidate?

If you are interested in applying for this tasty position, the registration period closed a few days ago and, in addition, there were some specific requirements. Among them, being over 18 years of age, residing in the United States and, in addition, living within a radius of less than 40 km from one of the Shake Shacks that participate.

Finally, among the benefits that the company was offering, in addition to the $3,000 -which they specified would be in American Express gift cards-, the chosen candidate would also get up to $900 a year to spend on hamburgers and a private tasting of the menu. Avocado & Bacon, among other issues.