These are the recipes that Matthew and Camila McConaughey cook the most at home

The famous couple has spoken in a magazine about the dishes they cook the most at home.

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Matthew and Camila McConaughey, along with their three children, are one of the most consistent families in Hollywood and they have once again demonstrated it on the cover of Southern Living magazine. In the extensive interview they have discussed different topics, among them the recipes they cook the most at home. Camila, who in addition to sharing her lifestyle on social networks also publishes her recipes on the website Women of Today, revealed which recipes were the most requested by both Matthew McConaughey and her children. And the star dish is her popular mayonnaise-free coleslaw, a recipe that uses olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice instead of mayonnaise.

But Matthew also revealed one of his favorite dishes, Brazilian chicken strogonoff, a tasty recipe that in its Brazilian version accompanies chicken with rice and straw potatoes. Although in the interview he stressed that “chicken, cream and corn are tremendously good. But we can’t eat it every night,” he joked.

Of course, they also leave room for more casual options for their children, who prefer honey chicken. In this recipe, the couple prepares wings and drumettes, marinates them and drizzles them with honey, then bakes them on the grill.

As if that weren’t enough, the couple launched a tequila brand, Pantalones, a few tables ago. In the interview, in the liquid section they also highlight cocktails with this drink. “My idea of a perfect drink: Pantalones reposado on the rocks,” Matthew explained. “I won’t shy away from a good margarita. But since I like my tequila, I like to drink a little more. I like to drink it on the rocks neat, so I don’t get all that sugar content.”

Are any of Matthew McConaughey and Camila’s favorite recipes also on your weekly menu?