These are the products served at the first McDonald’s CosMc’s, according to a Spanish influencer

The Spanish @aquisandrax, based in the United States for some time now, shares her daily life with reviews of restaurants and products such as the new McDonald's concept.

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The influencer @aquisandrax has become one of the best correspondents to share what it’s like to live in the United States. With more than 3 million followers on TikTok, this 24-year-old from Zaragoza has been living in the United States for a few years and through her networks she shows the day-to-day life in this country, creating especially gastronomic and travel content. She is usually a pioneer in trying new places or original food (such as Bad Bunny’s restaurant in Miami or the paella burger). Now Sandra has traveled to Chicago to visit the first location of the new McDonald’s restaurant concept that seeks to carve a niche in the breakfast and beverage sector. There, the influencer did a review of some of the products served at CosMc’s.

CosMc’s specializes in beverages and breakfasts

As a good foodie, Sandra was encouraged to show almost the entire menu offered by the new restaurant, which, for the moment, only has a drive-thru format. To start her review, the tiktoker tried the Churro Cold Brew Frappé, a cold drink flavored with churro, cinnamon and cream, which did not excite her either. One of the products that surprised her the most was the Sour Cherry Energy Burst, which is a sour cherry slush based energy drink with pellets.

Other highlights of this new concept are the Chai Frappé Burst and the Blackberry Mint Green Tea, which are causing a sensation among the chain’s fans. But one of the crown jewels is undoubtedly the original Island Pick-Me-Up, a kind of energizing lemonade-based punch with dehydrated strawberries.

Algunos de los productos de CosMc's que probó la influencer Aquí Sandra.

CosMc’s menu also has a food section with small sandwiches such as the Creamy Avocado Tomatillo, consisting of a fluffy tortilla and avocado and tomatillo sauce, with cheddar cheese and bacon. There is a sweet option such as the Nutella McPops, small balls filled with different creams.

Most drinks cost a little over $5 each, while both the sandwich and McPops would be around $3.79. After seeing some of the products shared by the influencer, do you want CosMc’s to land soon in Spain?