These are the best torrijas of Madrid in 2024

The 7th edition of the contest “The best Torrijas of Madrid” has just been held and these have been the winners in the traditional, innovation and gluten-free categories.

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One of the most outstanding events in the world of bakery, pastry, ice cream, coffee and equipment has just been held. Among other things, the 7th edition of the contest “The best Torrijas of Madrid” took place, organized by ASEMPAS (Association of artisan entrepreneurs of pastry and bakery of the community of Madrid). The best torrijas of Madrid were chosen in three different categories: traditional, innovation and gluten-free. It’s not long now until the start of the torrijas season, so it’s a good time to get to know some of the proposals that will be most consumed this year. We reveal them to you below.

The best traditional torrijas served at Formentor

They are one of the most traditional sweets in Spanish gastronomy, especially during Easter, so the main category was the traditional recipe. On this occasion, the winner was the torrija of the Formentor pastry shop, made with “good products, good flour, good milk and good oil and is 100% traditional with a tradition of 60 years”, as detailed in EFE Jennifer Pozón, the local pastry chef. To try it, you will have to wait until March 8, when it will go on sale.

Where to taste them? Calle Hermosilla 81, 28001 (Madrid) and Calle Santa Engracia 62, 28010 (Madrid)

Cercadillo’s torrijas, the most innovative ones

If you are looking for a proposal that will surprise you, then you will have to try the winning torrija in the Innovation category. This year it has been won by the Cercadillo bakery, with a traditional preparation, but dipped in cinnamon and orange and covered with chocolate bonbon, as well as being decorated with chocolate-covered cereal balls.

Where to taste them? C/ De la Cal 15, 28041 (Madrid)

Gluten-free torrijas: the best are the ones from La Oriental

In this 7th edition of the contest, there was also room to award the best gluten-free torrija. This year, the torrija made by the bakery La Oriental, which has two different bakeries: one with gluten and one without gluten, once again retained its title.

Where to taste them? C/ Ferraz 47-49, 28008 (Madrid)