The viral ‘crookie’ arrives in Madrid: we reveal where to try it

The sweet mix that is causing a sensation in Paris arrives in Madrid to revolutionize confectionery.

Crookie de Maison Kayser en Madrid

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The latest pastry trend that combines a croissant with a cookie, which has been triumphing in Paris for weeks, has just arrived in the capital by the hand of Maison Kayser, which is always at the forefront of sweet trends. If last season surprised us with the frozen croissant, now the chain brings to Madrid the crookie that is causing a sensation halfway around the world.

It is a fairly simple combination of croissant and cookie. The dough of the latter is placed both inside the bun and on top, to bake it afterwards for a few minutes, and leave the elaboration ready. This viral recreation, in addition to being available in all its locations in Madrid (they have a total of 7), can also be ordered through Uber Eats to be delivered to your home for a price of 6.30 €.

In addition, in this cafeteria-bakery you can also try other viral sweets such as the Croissant Roll (multiple flavors) or the almond croissant. When are you going to try the crookie in Madrid?