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Daviz Muñoz, considered the best chef in the world by the Best Chef Awards 2022, continues to make history in the world of gastronomy. Following his great successes in the restaurant business, such as his restaurants DiverXO and StreetXO, the chef decided to open in 2020 a delivery restaurant called GoXO. An idea that began as a delivery restaurant in Madrid and Barcelona, but currently also has different food trucks spread throughout Madrid, Barcelona and Marbella.

It is a proposal that the chef defined at the time as “pure flavor and always surprising. It is about taking the soul of the Xo world, in which we have been working for more than 15 years, and transmitting it to a concept in which the premise is that the dishes reach the home well. For me there is no difference between GoXo and DiverXo,” he said. “The level of demand is no different. It’s just as difficult to make 70 perfect, balanced lasagnas that reach your home impeccably as it is to make 30 dishes very well.”

GoXo is also bringing him great success in his career as a chef and restaurateur. According to El Confidencial, this business has had a turnover of 5.6 million euros, almost as much as his main restaurants, DiverXo and StreetXO, which together have a combined turnover of almost 7.79 million. In addition, the success of GoXO has also contributed to the revenues of its Dukes Road company almost doubling in one year, from 7.4 million to approximately 13 million euros. According to El Confidencial, these are three businesses that have led him to earn nearly 583,000 euros in 2021, his last fiscal year filed with the Commercial Registry. 

With GoXo, Dabiz Muñoz continues to bet on bringing his creations to the doorstep or through a food truck to gastronomy lovers. A business that looks set to continue for a long time.

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