The new intelligent, autonomous mobile stores

California-based Robomart has been perfecting the concept of mobile retail stores for years. Now it has gone a step further by teaming up with PIX Moving, a company that develops autonomous vehicles.

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Robomart is a Californian company that was born in 2018 with the goal of creating small, smart, low-cost mobile stores to help small entrepreneurs. It has recently gone a step further by joining forces with another startup in the sector, PIX Moving, to improve the fleet of its mobile stores.

PIX is a Chinese platform specialized in the production of autonomous vehicles. The two companies have joined forces to refine their concepts and further improve the experience in the world of mobile and autonomous stores: from snack sales to pharmacy services, through unmanned vehicles.

The Robomart experience is delivered through an app where ordering can be done securely. Customers can view available items through the app and select their purchase when the autonomous vehicle arrives. That is when the automatic payment through the app would take place. The idea is to offer for sale snacks including sweets, pastries, beverages or assorted snacks, as well as household or personal care items. This is mainly focused on retail stores, as it speeds up the sales process, in steps such as packaging, payment or waiting at the cash register.

Future projects also include small mobile restaurants

As Robomart’s co-founder and CEO explained, this new partnership with PIX Moving will enable them to expand their fleet with “advanced, high-quality vehicles designed to deliver an exceptional shopping experience. PIX Moving’s contribution to vehicle manufacturing, combined with our robust retail technology, will redefine convenience and accessibility in retail.” The Chinese company also added that the goal was to launch the ultimate concept of “on-demand convenience at your fingertips”.

Among the projects to be developed in the near future, there are also cafeterias and small mobile restaurants with access to prepared food, an evolution of delivery.