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Sydney Sweeney confesses she has never tasted coffee

The ‘Euphoria’ star shares some anecdotes about her eating habits.

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During an interview with WSJ, the actress delved into some details about her diet, exercise and the healthy habits she follows on a daily basis. Of all her statements, perhaps the one that caught the public’s attention the most was that she had never tried coffee. This is how the actress put it: ‘I’ve never tried coffee. I only drink water. For breakfast, I like a bowl of berries. Maybe some granola, bacon, a croissant… but I always go for berries’.

Sydney would stun people with this revelation, which came after the media asked her if she was really able to function on just two hours of sleep a night. I sleep as many hours a night as I can, but I’ve been known to be able to function on very, very little for a long time,’ she said.

The fact that Sydney only incorporates water into her diet may have a lot to do with what she shared with PEOPLE a while back, and how her childhood had influenced her food choices. When I was little I loved Shirley Temples and Sprite, and my parents kept telling me, ‘That’s all you drink, that’s all you drink. You have to drink water. That phrase would have a big impact on her.

Sweeney also admitted that she has a sweet tooth, which is why she always tries to stay hydrated. I’m kind of a sugar addict. I love sweets. So I said to myself, ‘OK, if I drink water I’ll balance it out. That’s been my justification for eating desserts and sweets. It’s like I have a healthy balance.