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The drama began this past Saturday near the champagne region of Reims, where a local company was reported to have been robbed.

Two lorries loaded with a large collection of Moët & Chandon valued at some 600,000 euros in total were stolen from their premises after dark. As if in a great detective story, the thieves drove along the A4 motorway between Reims and Paris, pursued at high speed by the police.

The police were able to carry out the chase thanks to the tracking devices on the bottled loot, allowing them to track their every move, until the moment when one of the drivers swerved and tried to hit a police car. A failed strategy that ended up allowing the police to hit the truck and force it off the road.

The driver of the truck then jumped out of the moving semi-trailer and fled in a BMW that was part of the convoy. The second semi-trailer, meanwhile, swerved to the right as they tried to cut him off, crashed through the plastic guardrails and off the motorway, leaving the policemen trapped in the wreckage.

A few minutes later, however, they found the truck on a secondary road with all the bottles of Moët & Chandon intact, opening the way for an investigation that is still ongoing.

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