Sofia Vergara shows off her barista skills in a video

The star of 'Griselda' can blindly identify different types of coffee, including its preparation.

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Sofía Vergara, beyond eclipsing all viewers with her great performance in ‘Griselda’, has many other skills. And one of them is her expertise in the world of coffee.

In a series of clips posted on Netflix‘s Instagram account, the actress tried five different cups of coffee to see if she could guess what kind they were and how they were made based on her Colombian culture.

In the first, he begins by saying that he loves coffee and has even developed a skill where he could ‘identify a variety of coffees and even tell you how they were prepared’. Spoiler: he was absolutely right.

Through all that footage, Vergara guessed that he was drinking a Folgers coffee brewed in a drip machine or a very strong Café Bustelo brewed with a Keurig.

Vergara even identified an espresso made in a Nespresso machine by its foam and bitterness, or a Nescafé instant coffee; winning at advanced level all this stimulating game, and surprising all the viewers through the screen.