Sofia Richie also launches her own Erewhon smoothie (and it’s more expensive than Hailey Bieber’s)

Lionel Richie’s daughter joins the Erewhon family with her Sweet Cherry smoothie.

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The fever for Erewhon smoothies does not stop; and neither do its collaborations with celebrities. If in recent weeks Hailey Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo or Giselle Bündchen have released their own products, now Sofia Richie has joined the family of celebrities with her own Erewhon smoothie. And on top of that, this time Lionel Richie’s daughter has created what is so far the most expensive smoothie, costing no less than $21.

Sofia Richie con su smoothie de Erewwhon

The influencer’s proposal is called Sweet Cherry Smoothie and is made with black cherries, Richie’s favorite fruit. In addition, it also contains organic unsweetened almond milk, vanilla colostrum (a nutritional supplement), magnesium powder, maple syrup, pineapple, avocado, coconut cream and pitaya powder (all organic ingredients, of course).

El smoothie Erewhon de Sofia Richie.

The price of each Sofia Richie’s Erewhon shake, as we mentioned at the beginning, is $21 (three more than Hailey Bieber’s, for example). Of course, the brand has indicated that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Every Mother Counts, an organization that works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for women around the world.