Robert De Niro’s impressive cake on his 80th birthday

The legendary actor celebrated his birthday with an eye-catching cake at a party attended by many famous faces.

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Robert de Niro is one of the most legendary actors in contemporary history and has just celebrated his 80th birthday. For such a special occasion, there has to be a celebration to match. That’s why the artist organized a party attended by numerous celebrities such as Paul McCartney, Francis Ford Coppola, Uma Thurman, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Debi Mazar or Bette Midler, among others. The event was held at the Italian restaurant Locanda Verde, located inside the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, and one of the most striking elements was the incredible birthday cake served to Robert De Niro.

Such an epic figure could only be celebrated with a cake as eye-catching as the one the actor blew. An impressive creation depicting a hyper-realistic theater with stadium seating and tiny figurines probably made of fondant.

The dessert features a very realistic movie theater with seats and some fondant figures of moviegoers. On the screen was a picture of De Niro smiling and fixing his tie; of course, all edible.

In addition, the exterior facade of the cinema was also represented, which was inspired by the Greenwich Hotel where the party was held: red awnings, brick slabs and a large glass window. In the central part of the screen was the message: “Happy 80th Birthday, Bob!”, the affectionate nickname used by his closest friends.