Paris Hilton and Taco Bell team up to celebrate Y2K

Taco Bell recruits Paris Hilton to promote the big comeback of its iconic Volcano Menu.

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The Paris Hilton x Taco Bell campaign is presented between flashes of the two thousand effect, and its bling-bling aesthetics, as the culmination of millennial nostalgia with which they announce the return of the ‘Volcano Menu‘. A combination that debuted in 1995 with the Volcano Burrito, to return in 2008 with the additions of the Volcano Taco, crunchwraps, fajitas and nachos.

That menu would end up being discontinued, generating controversy among fans who have not stopped asking for its return since then. Now, Taco Bell is bringing back that Y2K symbol next to the pop icon. And not only with the menu itself, but also with a hotline with six pre-recorded messages from Hilton as a coach. In this sense, by dialing 1-844-THTS-HOT, fans can get advice from Paris on what’s hot, and what’s maybe not so hot.

‘Taco Bell’s Volcano menu is not only iconic, it’s the epitome of ‘hot,’ Paris Hilton emphasizes about the collaboration. ‘I’m thrilled to be a part of this 2000s ‘revival’ with my own lineup and hope fans will take my advice.’


The updated menu, which upgrades Taco Bell’s regular items, includes the iconic Volcano Burrito and Volcano Taco, as well as incorporating large quantities of Lava Sauce.

We’ve brought back two Taco Bell icons from the 2000s, the Volcano menu and Paris Hilton,’ says Matt Ian, co-chief creative officer at Deutsch LA, the agency behind the campaign. That’s Hot’ is Paris Hilton’s most famous phrase, which combined with the fiery hot flavor of the Volcano menu makes her the perfect ambassador for the return of that menu.