OSA, the Tapas Best New Restaurant 2023, gets its first Michelin Star

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Barcelona hosted the Michelin Guide 2024 gala this evening, November 28, where new stars were awarded to numerous restaurants in Spain. Among them, could not miss the Tapas Best New Restaurant 2023 winner, OSA, which has been awarded its first Michelin star.

The project of chefs Jorge Muñoz and Sara Peral, who assume the gastronomic direction of the restaurant, has undoubtedly been one of the most awaited openings of the year in the capital. Located at number 123, Ribera del Manzanares street, OSA is an oasis of tranquility in the middle of Madrid’s hustle and bustle where only 20 diners can enjoy its dishes per service. The premise is to offer a gastronomic experience that begins before the arrival at the restaurant, on the walk along the riverbank on the way to the house.

The team led by Jorge Muñoz -trained at Mugaritz (San Sebastián) and La Tasquita de Enfrente (Madrid), and who made a splash a couple of years ago with Picones de María- and Sara Peral -who has also worked in the kitchens of Mugaritz, DiverXO or Coque- define themselves as artisans. They say of themselves that they are “goldsmiths who polish until the essence comes to the surface”. And their dishes are a tribute to tradition and identity.

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