From ice cream fries to Cheetos and milk: nine weird food mixes that are a guilty pleasure

For tastes, colors and also flavor combinations. We have compiled some strange food mixtures with as many followers as detractors.

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Just as there are two types of people, those who like omelettes with or without onions, there are also two types of people: those who love the combination of French fries and ice cream, and those who find it disgusting. If you are a fan of this mix, you might be interested in the selection of weird food mixes that we have compiled below and that can become a real guilty pleasure for their supporters. Which of all these proposals do you love?

French fries with ice cream

It is becoming a less and less rare combination, because it has been gaining more and more followers. Dipping fries in ice cream is more common than it seems. Many say that the mixture of these two flavors is a good pairing. In fact, chains such as Burger King have even launched such actions, as when it created a special sundae with fries in Singapore.

Cheetos with milk

We are sure that of all the combinations that we highlight in this article, this will be the one that will get the most “no” votes. Undoubtedly, the least known and the most “disgusting” mixture. What do you think about putting in the same bowl milk with Cheetos and on top of the spicy ones?

Ham with chocolate

Another of the combinations best seen by foodies experts. According to many people, although they are two totally opposite foods, their flavors go perfectly together. In fact, if melon with ham is already totally normalized, chocolate is not such a striking mix either.

Nutella chicken nuggets

Fried chicken is another one of those foods that, it seems, people like to dip in all kinds of sauces. Nuggets, for example, are usually accompanied by barbecue sauce, honey mustard, ketchup or similar. But there are also many people who like it with ice cream or even Nutella. And you?

Pizza with banana

From the creators of the Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, it also comes with another fruit added: banana. And no, we are not talking about the typical sweet pizza with nutella. On this occasion, there are many people who prepare the typical Hawaiian pizza and, in addition to pineapple, it also includes banana. It’s almost better not to open that debate.

Anchovies with sobaos

They are two of the most emblematic products of Cantabria and, although their mixture is very random, the result of combining a product as salty as anchovies with something as sweet as sobao is a real delight. There are even those who add an extra and strong ingredient, such as blue cheese.

Donut burgers

In recent years we have experienced a real boom in hamburgers. And, with it, all kinds of proposals have emerged. One of the most popular is the burgers that come in donuts as a bun. The Friday’s chain brought out a limited edition together with Donuts, while other hamburger restaurants such as Big Al’s, in Barcelona, have fixed proposals on their menu. Others, such as The Hype have something similar, but with cronut bread.

Bacon milkshake

It has been 7 years since the American chain Five Guys, known as Obama’s favorite hamburger, arrived in Spain and with it, its famous bacon shakes, a food that is added to other ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter or cream. And although at first it sounded like a strange proposal, it seems that most customers who order shakes here, do so including bacon.

Waffles and fried chicken

It is one of the quintessential American recipes. Chicken & Waffles are a must on the menu of many brunches, and it is once again clear that people like fried chicken with anything. To these two foods you have to add a good amount of butter. Famous are the ones served at places like Sylvia’s, in New York’s Harlem neighborhood, which offer Southern food with a gospel show. Who gives more?