Nigo debuts in Penfolds’ wine universe as creative partner

Moving from fashion to fine wine, the cult Japanese designer becomes Penfolds' first creative partner.

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This creative union, which dilutes Penfolds’ high fashion and winemaking, begins with the global launch of ‘One by Penfolds‘. A collaborative project that transcends the wine itself, to draw inspiration from and work with the community of each wine region to present a collection of modern white and red wines sealed by the playful style of Nigo, current artistic director of KENZO.

The founder of Japanese streetwear brand BAPE, continues to broaden his horizons in the art scene to work on developing the creative identity for a series of special projects that will help elevate Penfolds’ vision.


Nigo will dress the design of new wines and limited edition releases with its distinctive codes and vibrant identity. Constant reinterpretations based on modernity and innovation in the same concept that we can now see reflected in the four new bottles with animal motifs on the labels of the ‘One by Penfolds’ range.

The wine designs, each depicting a crocodile, a rooster, a panda and a bear, pay tribute to the four countries -Australia, France, China and America, respectively- from which the One by Penfolds wines originate.

Kristy Keyte, marketing director for Penfolds, commented: “We are very proud to name NIGO as Penfolds’ first creative partner. NIGO is at the forefront of culture and design, making them the ideal visionary to take the reins of One by Penfolds and work with us on special Penfolds projects. We look forward to sharing this new chapter of Penfolds with fashion, wine, art and music lovers around the world.”


To celebrate this global launch, NIGO has also designed an urban collection consisting of graphic tees and a baseball bag. Made by Human Made in Japan, all of these pieces carry NIGO’s well-known color palette and animal motifs, which will be available in limited units on from July 14.

The launch of One by Penfolds also coincides with a new initiative entitled ‘Penfolds Evermore‘. Evermore is Penfolds’ commitment to contribute positively to a world in which future generations can thrive’. As part of this action, the wine producer will donate A$1 mln over five years, as part of a global giving program that goes back to the One by Penfolds community territory.

One by Penfolds will be on sale in Asia, Australia and the United States from July 13, followed by the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Korea in September.