The McFlurry with hash browns that everyone eats on TikTok

This peculiar combination has gone viral on TikTok, would you try it?

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There are hardly any foodie trends on TikTok that surprise us anymore, but many combinations are still surprising. While the “fries with ice cream” debate has surely come up more than once, perhaps what you’ve never seen before is a hash browns sandwich filled with McFlurry ice cream. It’s the latest gastro craze that has gone viral on TikTok and even McDonalds’ Canadian profile has replicated it. Would you try it?

Hash browns are a kind of potato croquettes or potato pancake, made with very thin pieces of potatoes that are fried forming a kind of toast. The tiktoker @arvanfamily was one of the first to discover this mashup that is causing a sensation in the networks. It involves forming a sandwich with two hash browns and spreading the inside with McFlurry ice cream.

@arvanfamily Do you want us to rate the other flavours?! #fyp #arvanfamily #mcflurryhashbrownsanga #food #mcdonalds #foodtok #foodie #tastetest #snack #snackhack ♬ original sound – Arvan Family

The result is a sweet and savory crunchy snack that everyone is talking about, although at first glance it may seem unappetizing. Even McDonalds Canada’s own profile has shared the original recipe. Will we soon see this dessert on their menus?