Matusalem debuts world’s first rosé rum

The taste of innovation is found in the ‘Unusual’ bottle.

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Matusalem has just revolutionised the industry with the launch of the world’s first rosé rum. The brand presents this liquid expression encapsulated in an elegant bottle that evokes the rosé wines of Provence from aged rums subjected to an intricate charcoal filtering process. A treatment that renders it transparent, it is then aged for a further three years in barrels that previously housed Spanish Tempranillo wine.

This experimentation or innovative process dilutes the extraordinary: Matusalem’s rosé rum, which has a very smooth taste with notes of vanilla, wood and a fruity aroma, and a buttery finish with hints of toast and red fruits to harmonise any evening.

Ron Matusalem Insólito, presented in an elegant bottle with a screen-printed illustration that captures the essence of the union between grape and sugar cane, is launched exclusively with a limited production of numbered bottles for around 40 euros, depending on the distributor.