Martin Miller’s Gin teaches you how to enjoy a “vacation in the sun” this summer

The Gin brand has presented its new concept, Sólarfrí, with which it promotes a lifestyle to enjoy the things that really matter.

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There is nothing like enjoying life, putting the carpe diem motto into practice and giving importance to the things that really matter. With this premise, Martin Miller’s Gin brings us the ultimate experience to live an unforgettable summer. The 3,000-mile gin has just introduced Sólarfrí, its new concept that means “vacation in the sun” -the term is of Icelandic origin-.

With this new concept, the brand aims to promote a philosophy of life in the purest Icelandic style: an original and unique tradition that consists of enjoying time free of commitments, in the sun, with family and friends, to reconnect with what really matters. It should also be noted that the water used to make Martin Miller’s gin comes from Iceland and is considered the purest water in the world.

The Sólarfrí moment to enjoy the summer

To present its particular Sólarfrí, the brand organized an exclusive event attended by celebrities such as actor Álvaro Cervantes, ambassador and master of ceremonies along with journalist Flora González. Other celebrities such as Jesús Castro, Teresa Riott or Marta Pombo did not want to miss the party either. In addition, Dj Nano gave a musical performance at sunset, putting the icing on a very enjoyable evening, while attendees enjoyed the Sólarfrí, a cocktail created especially for the occasion made with Martin Miller’s Gin, lime juice, Cassis liqueur, champagne and tonic.

In short, Sólarfrí is much more than a break to escape from routine. It is a way of understanding the world, seeking balance in our lives to enjoy and disconnect from daily stress in a spontaneous way and, as the brand promotes, giving importance to those special moments.