Manolo Bakes opens a new branch in Portugal

The expansion of the ‘manolitos’ has only just begun.

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Manolo Bakes has just marked a milestone in the iconic legacy of its speciality coffee shop with the opening of its first shop in Portugal, as part of its expansion plan to open establishments in the USA, Latin America and the Middle East.

This new shop, which will be added to the 45 establishments that make up its universe spread throughout Spain, will offer in its display all the creations that have led it to become a renowned coffee and pastry shop: its classic manolitos, palmitas or its limited edition boxes in collaboration with emerging artists such as Caravaca or Pils Ferrer. A proposal that they combine with their liquid menu of teas or speciality coffees from an exclusive blend of the brand.

The firm is constantly reinventing itself to reinterpret latent trends in its shops, such as Frappé Lotus or Iced Pistachio Coffee. Manolo Bakes also offers a wide range of sweet and savoury products, and even a line of gluten-free manolitos and palmitas.

They do all this by mixing the ingredients behind their success: quality raw materials, innovation and creativity, creating an identity that they will now also transfer to their new shop in Portugal, as well as to the 15 they plan to open in the capital over the next 3 years.

Take note: the Manolo Bakes shop in Portugal is located at the historic Largo do Calhariz number 2, in the Chiado district.