Lab-grown ‘beef rice’ that is pink in color

Korean scientists have created a hybrid between rice and beef that could become the food of the future.

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For some years now, lab-grown food has been a reality. The latest invention has been made by Korean scientists who have created the first lab-grown ‘rice with meat’. It is an experiment that combines rice grains with beef fat cells. The result is a pink-colored food that is attracting a lot of attention in the industry.

Leading this project at Yonsei University in South Korea is Professor Jinkee Hong, who said that, “while it does not exactly replicate the taste of beef, it offers a pleasant and novel taste experience.”

According to research published in the journal Matter, this new hybrid rice is more brittle than traditional rice, but has more protein and more fat. In addition, they also concluded that the rice containing more muscle cells gave off an odor more similar to meat and almonds, while the rice with more animal fat had an odor closer to butter and coconut oil.

On the other hand, by integrating animal cells into rice through this scientific process, the researchers seek to “guarantee a sufficient food supply” for the future by creating “a new complete food”.