La Casera presents a nostalgic spot produced by Little Spain

A bucolic piece in which he resurrects his iconic claim from the 80s: ‘If there’s no La Casera, we’re leaving’.

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The brand’s new campaign, signed by the agency La Despensa and produced by Little Spain, pays tribute to the emblematic slogan devised by the publicist José Luis Zamorano, which would end up being projected in the collective imagination in the 80s.

The claim ‘Si no hay La Casera, nos vamos‘, which is part of the national pop culture, becomes the common thread of this advert, now updated for the new generations; in which the distinctive aesthetics and the cinematographic halo of the production company formed by Cris Trenas, Santos Bacana, C. Tangana, María Rubio and Rogelio González can be seen.

An advertising tribute

The spot is presented as a tribute both to vintage advertising and to the recently deceased José Luis, and the audiovisual pieces of the time in which clichés full of insights into society were mixed.

Both the soda and the brand’s tinto de verano are presented here as loyal table companions with their unique, light and pleasant taste to enjoy during lunch, dinner and after-dinner conversations.

In this audiovisual television piece, of which there will be three versions -and a 90′ extended version for digital platforms-, Little Spain shows off the sarcastic tone of the brand’s historical campaigns and, like Zamorano, who was inspired by the Berlanguian universe for the filming of his ads, using resources typical of current cinema: ‘we opted for an iconic approach that fuses the refined camerawork of Fesser’s best films, the magical realism of Sorrentino and the characters of The Office’. All framed in a 35mm film format.

In keeping with the codes of La Casera®, the film is set in a restaurant, with waiters in white jackets parading through the room, carrying large paella pans, with the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop. The scene places the viewer at the time of the aperitif and lunch at a company convention and brings together a succession of stereotypes of the habits that make us proud of the way we live, eat and drink.

Through the figure of an effusively empowered intern, who initiates the exodus of the entire company (including the CEO) to a bar where there is a drink, the campaign vindicates hedonism and the enjoyment of life through small details that we demand because they define and represent us, such as having La Casera® in the restaurant.