Kristen Stewart reveals she would have been a caterer if she wasn’t an actress

And that he would ‘keep the set going’.

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Stewart gave an interview to PEOPLE magazine to promote the release of her latest film ‘Love Lies Bleeding’, a romantic thriller in which she plays the role of Lou.

Throughout the conversation, the successful actress made a series of unexpected revelations about her past, and about certain abilities unknown to the public until now.

Kristen spoke about the career she would have chosen if she hadn’t been a successful actress. ‘I think if I wasn’t an actress, I’d probably be a waitress. Keeping the set running,’ says the performer before adding that she doesn’t have a ‘go-to’ dish.

‘I cook all the time,’ declares the actress in that dialogue in which she delves into her love for gastronomy. ‘People who don’t cook say, ‘Oh, I make that thing.’ And I tell them, ‘F—— tell me. I’ll make it for you,’ she continues.

Stewart‘s comments about that obsession with cooking came after castmate Katy M. O’Brian spoke at the premiere about Stewart and how the star cooked and baked for the film’s cast and crew.

‘She cooks, she bakes and I wasn’t allowed to eat any of it and I was really upset about it,’ O’Brian continued, adding, ‘because I was on a diet.’