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Although he is still linked to the world of music – he has just finished a tour – rapper Kase.O has just announced a new and totally different project. The artist from Maño has created his own line of CBD products in collaboration with The Tree CBD brand. It is called Sweet Kase, and includes a diverse range of ways to experience CBD, such as flowers, oil or infusions.

With Sweet Kase, the rapper wants to make an innovative fusion between the world of art and CBD through an experience that promotes natural wellness. The products also come with exclusive packaging such as a metal box, which is a limited edition of 500 boxes hand-signed by the artist himself.

In addition, Kase.O has shared a series of videos on the brand’s YouTube channel in which he tells his personal story with CBD, thanks to which, for example, he quit smoking.

YouTube video

With Sweet Kase, the artist celebrates the harmony between body, mind and art. On the brand’s website you can already pre-order some of its products and from September 19 you will be able to buy the Kase.O CBD products separately online.

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